About Century Lighting
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We Are Your Commercial Lighting Team

Making a difference for the businesses we serve, Century Lighting is dedicated to providing quality products, maintenance, and energy efficient lighting upgrades.

Our dedicated staff has more than 100 years of combined industry knowledge and expertise providing us the ability to assist businesses of all sizes with their luminary needs.

When you call us, Century Lighting, be confident that our mission is to make sure that your business shines in its very best light!

We Love Lighting!

Joe Cavanagh:  Owner
Years in the Industry: 9
Favorite Project(s): Transforming our company to a team, where everyone is important and has gifts and talents to be shared with the team, our customers and the community.
Best part about working at Century: Working with an incredible staff who are willing to be open to trying new ways of doing business.
When I'm not working I like to: Spend time with my grandkids, traveling, biking, walking and volunteering.

Suzanne Cavanagh: Owner
Years in the Industry: 9
Favorite Project(s):  Each project that I hear from the customer about the difference we have made for them is a favorite.  From “happy lights”, to improving safety and visibility and their cost savings on energy and maintenance.  

Best part about working at Century: Our staff, they truly care about our customers and providing the very best products and service.  I also enjoy talking to our customer’s either on the phone or if I meet them out in the community and they tell me the difference our staff has made for their businesses.  I am also passionate about the importance of light for our health, emotional well being and sleep, I enjoy doing presentations to educate others on how to use light to enhance their lives.
When I'm not working I like to: Spend time with my family, my grandchildren are so much fun and just beginning to play organized sports.  There is nothing cuter than 4 year old T-ball and 1st grade soccer.  I also enjoy gardening, walking and biking.

Mary Borns:  Administrative and Project Assistant
Years in the Industry: 3
Favorite Project(s): The day to day activities.  Every day I learn something new!
Best part about working at Century: Working with our fabulous staff and getting to speak to our friendly customers.
When I'm not working I like to: Spend time with my family, read, play word games and go to the coast.



Kelly Parmenter:                                               Office Assistant Years in Industry:  2                     Best part about working at Century:  The people!  The perfect combination of easy going and professional.                                                          When I'm not working I like to:  Travel with my husband and take family vacations.  Singing at church and spending time in the garden with my cats.



Dan Bennett: Lighting Consultant
Years in the Industry: 38
Favorite Project(s): Van Vleet Meats a recent project where we updated their walk-in freezer and cooler rooms using LED’s, the change was dramatic.
Best part about working at Century: The teamwork philosophy of Century is very important, especially for those of us who are out of the office working with customers all of the time.
When I'm not working I like to: Play tennis, running and biking in the summer time.  I am looking forward to doing more long distance traveling in the future.

Dave Chavez: Lighting Consultant
Years in the Industry: 23

NXT Level Designation List! NXT Level is the most comprehensive lighting training in the Northwest for lighting contractors, designers, installers and others working on commercial or industrial retrofits.
Favorite Project(s): LED's replacements in Marche Restaurant and Bella Salon and T5 high bay lights in Hole in the Wall BBQ warehouse. 
Best part about working at Century: is that each person here is fun loving and cares about doing great work for our customers. 
When I'm not working I like to: I like to listen to music at local venues, LP's on my vintage vacuum tube receiver and play my ukulele. Music makes my world go 'round.

Rod Gardner: Service Manager/Estimator
Years in the Industry:17
Favorite Project(s): All of them.  Each one has it’s own challenges and when a project is completed and the customer is happy, I know that we have done our job.
Best part about working at Century: Family owned, we are a small company that is high volume and it takes all of us to make sure each job is completed.  I love being able to go into the field and interact with people and help them with any and all of their lighting needs.
When I'm not working I like to: Spend as much time with my family as possible, we love the outdoors and traveling.  When I can, I also coach high school baseball and volunteer in the community.

Guy Etzel
Years in the Industry: 24
Favorite Project(s): Each project that I am working on is my favorite.
Best part about working at Century: Making my customer’s satisfied!
When not working I like to:  Go fishing, gardening, time with family, friends and trips outdoors.


Fernando Ibanez
Years in the Industry: 6+
Favorite Project(s): BLMIt was a smooth and productive project.  I enjoyed working with Guy to complete the project.
Best part about working at Century: Great staff!  Monday morning all staff meetings discussing past and future projects.  Very family oriented!
When I'm not working I like to: Spend time with my wife and my children.  I enjoy camping, fishing and working on my Chevelle and going to all local car shows and the drag strip with my family!