SSL Presents No Special Blue Light Hazard, LRC Says   October 13, 2017                          Solid-state lighting, because of its easy adjustability has increased the interest in how
lighting can provide health, wellness, and productivity benefits to people such as enhanced
visibility at night, improved discernment of brightness, increased security, and the use of
spectral tuning for circadian rhythm management. However, questions have been brought
up about the new LED lights and the potential blue light hazard that they pose.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Illumination to LED Lighting

LED lighting technology has taken a prominent role in both science and technology news over the past years due to the immense benefits for both the environment and end-consumers of illumination products.  


Two-minute explainer: Tunable-white LEDs    LUX  Your Independent Guide To Lighting

Tunable-white lighting is one of the biggest trends in commercial lighting. LED developers have taken a serious grip on the photo-biological research being produced by university departments and other groups. We know more about the way that humans function than ever before and you might say


4 Ways We Make Light   The Lighting reSource   June 2016

When early humans built the first primitive fires, they gained warmth for cold nights and a way to cook meats and vegetables. But they also gained light, which allowed them to navigate and complete tasks after dark. Millions of years later, we still gather around fires for warmth and comfort. But while we continue to turn to fire for light, we also have artificial light sources that
help make our lives easier, in many ways, than it was for our ancestors.


Light emitting diodes, commonly called LEDs, are real unsung heroes in the electronics world. They do dozens of different jobs and are found in all kinds of devices. Among other things, they form numbers on digital clocks, transmit information from remote controls, light up watches and tell you when your appliances are turned on. Collected together, they can form images on a jumbo television screen or illuminate a traffic light.